new york, new york Monday, Sep 3 2012 

I spent the first part of this holiday weekend moving out of the Hell’s Kitchen area and into my new residence/neighborhood in Brooklyn. I then scurried back to Hell’s Kitchen picked the rest of my luggage up and jumped on a ferry to Jersey to meet my brother’s family who came for a weekend visit. We ventured into the city Saturday and did some shopping in Soho, eating in Little Italy, checked out Ground Zero, and walked the Brooklyn Bridge. We came back into the city yesterday evening and dined in the Chelsea area and took an evening stroll on the High Line. A weekend well spent…indeed.


ferry rides Wednesday, Jul 18 2012 

waiting for the train Sunday, Jul 15 2012 

I spend so much time waiting for the train these days, usually pretty exhausted from walking, and terribly sweaty from this extreme summer heat. Recently someone told me he found the subway to be incredibly romantic??? My reaction was of pure confusion, I always found my subway experiences to be far from romantic. But these days I have learned to take a new appreciation for the train and love to take photos when I’m waiting and need something to distract me from my impatience.

The High Line Monday, Jul 9 2012 

I finally made it out to High Line and it was everything I imagined and more. I was hoping to take my sister there last week when she came to visit me but due to the extreme heat we never made it out. I ventured out today on an empty stomach and was in fear this would shorten or ruin my trip but I stuck it out. Sadly I didn’t walk it in it’s entirety but that just gives me a reason to go back! Their was a good amount of people today but not too crowded to enjoy. The High Line was established in the 1930’s and was used for an elevated form of transportation for freight trains. The structure stands 30 feet in the air and it’s purpose was to keep large carrying freight trains from the streets below. In the mid 1980’s the High Line was not being used and in fear of demolition but community members rallied and saved the structure. The structure offers a sleek modern design with a wild and untamed plant life and gives visitors an amazing view of the city. The structure is located on the West Side of Manhattan. I could go into more detail about the structure but I think the pictures speak for themselves!

noodies Saturday, Jul 7 2012 

My sister arrived this past week for a visit, a much needed reuniting for me! Upon her arrival I was looking forward to checking out at least a small portion of the abundant restaurants located all around me in Hell’s Kitchen. We love Thai food so we set out today to find a great spot to eat. The only problem…. their is like 20 Thai restaurants by me, so where to start??? Well we checked out Yelp and found, Noodies, located on Ninth Avenue between 54th and 55th street which had the highest rating. I also read a review that said, “it’s a hipster version of a Thai restaurant”, just by that description, I knew I would enjoy the dining experience.
The space was long and narrow and featured a wall that was covered almost in it’s entirety with a vast collection of bowls that provided a colorful visual display. The ceiling featured sleek wooden beams and hanging pendent light bulb fixtures. I enjoyed a thai iced tea(black tea sweetened with sugar and condensed milk and served chilled) with spring rolls and the ba-mee(egg noodles,bbq roast pork, crab meat, bok choy and crispy wontons in oyster sauce).

kahave Saturday, Jul 7 2012 

I found my new favorite coffee spot, Kahave, located on Ninth Avenue here in Hell’s Kitchen. Not only is it just a short walk from my place but it also happens to have some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. It also features a great coffee selection from your typical coffee drinks to Turkish/Cuban coffee selections with an incredibly nice and welcoming staff. Its located in a small, narrow space but features an exposed brick wall, a pressed tin ceiling, sleek mod white furniture, with banquet style seating. From the artfully crafted coffee drinks and pleasant warm atmosphere, Kahave restored my love for coffee shops.

Governors Ball Saturday, Jun 30 2012 

I had the pleasure of attending the Governors Ball this past weekend in Randall’s Island Park. My friends drove in the city to pick me up and then we hitched a bus up in Harlem to the festival. We spent a hot sweaty day in the sun enjoying our oversized foster beers, enjoyed some food truck vendors while watching music performed by Phantogram, Devendra Banhart, Explosions in the Sky, Fionna Apple, and Beck. The best part of the day for me was finally seeing one of my favorite bands, Explosions in the Sky, perform a truly religious experience for me and a day well spent.

Momofuku Noodle Bar Sunday, Jun 24 2012 

I already found a favorite spot to eat! Not…. that I ever thought that be a problem here. Actually I think it’s quite overwhelming to even know where to begin to eat in this city but I gladly take any recommendations from friends. I met an Akron fellow and his buddy down here the other night on 1st Avenue. The biggest accomplishment was me figuring my way around this far from my neighborhood, and I did! I enjoyed the cuisine and atmosphere so much I even went the very next day with another Akron fellow who was visiting the city. My first dining experience I had the momofuku ramen bowl(pork shoulder, pork belly, poached egg). The second dining experience I enjoyed the soju slushy(alcoholic creamsicle) with the chilled spicy noodles(sichuan spiced sausage, spinach, cashews). Both meals were amazing and I plan to return soon with more Akron fellows!

My New York Adventure… Saturday, Jun 23 2012 

After years of planning it, I finally did it, made the move to New York. I’ve longed for the city life and now I’m finally here and it feels great. I’m slowly getting settled in but I’m loving every minute. I love the liveliness of the city. I love the over abundance of restaurants/cafes/bars/shops. I love that the deli on my corner is open twenty four hours. I love that anytime of the day somebody is out, awake, and living. I love that I can walk everywhere. I love that I can walk/eat/sit by myself and not feel strange. More blog posts to come!

a perfect day.. Monday, Jun 11 2012 

Sadly it was my last summer weekend in Ohio before I head out and start my New York adventure. I wanted to take in as much of an Ohio summer as I possibly could in one weekend. The day started with brunch at my parent’s house. Mimosa’s, char-grilled steaks, shrimp pasta, and coconut cake were among the dishes served. My sister made her oh so amazing shrimp pasta while my dad grilled the steaks. After brunch I spent the day with my siblings and nephew on Portage Lakes soaking in the sun and swimming. All in all, a perfect day.

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